Attend a .NET Conf Community Virtual Event

This year the .NET Foundation is supporting community-run virtual events to help spread the word about the .NET 5.0 release. We have partnered with organizers around the globe to bring you 95 community virtual events between November 13, 2020 and January 31, 2021. Join your fellow developers in your local time zone and language to learn even more about .NET!

Would you like to organize a virtual event for your community? Take a look at our "Event-in-a-box" on GitHub to help you. Let us know about your event by filling out the Virtual Community Event Request Form.

Date City More information
January 21 Mississauga, ON, Canada Register Here 43.5912933349609 -79.6502532958984
January 22 Nieuwegein, South-Holland, The Netherlands Register Here 52.0324516296387 5.08899116516113
January 23 Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan Register Here 31.561918258667 74.3480758666992
January 23 Bangkok, Thailand Register Here 13.7539577484131 100.502243041992
January 23 Bengaluru, KA, India, India Register Here 12.9767465591431 77.5752792358398
January 26 Debrecen, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary Register Here 47.5333404541016 21.6252136230469
January 28 Saint Petersburg, Russia Register Here 59.9384841918945 30.3124847412109
January 28 Wellington, New Zealand Register Here -41.285099029541 174.776000976563
January 29 Zaragoza, Spain Register Here 41.6568374633789 -0.87942498922348
January 30 Yerevan, Armenia Register Here 40.1739654541016 44.5027465820313
January 30 Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan Register Here 31.561918258667 74.3480758666992