Ready to rediscover .NET? Well, dotnetConf is back!

Immerse yourself in the world of .NET and join our live stream for 3 days of free online content June 7 - 9 featuring speakers from the .NET Community and Microsoft product teams. The live stream will be broadcasted on http://channel9.msdn.com.

Learn to develop for web, mobile, desktop, games, services, libraries and more for a variety of platforms and devices all with .NET! We’ll have presentations on .NET Core and ASP.NET Core, C#, F#, Roslyn, Visual Studio, Xamarin, and much more.

Sign up below for a reminder when the agenda goes live. Stay tuned to #dotnetconf and follow @dotnet on Twitter.

New to dotnetConf? The dotnetConf is a free, 3 day virtual event co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft. Over the course of the three days you’ll have a wide selection of live sessions that feature speakers from the community and .NET product teams. These are the experts in their field and it will be your chance to learn, ask your questions live and get inspired for your next software project.

Can’t wait for this awesome new content? Make sure you check the short introductory videos we published during our recent Connect(); event on topics such as .NET 2015, ASP.NET 5, .NET Native, What’s new in C# 6, VB 14 and much more. See the full list here.

Happy coding!,

The dotnetConf team